Waarom De Nijs?

Rhoman Hillen, Project leader

“During my college studies in building technology in Amsterdam I did an internship with De Nijs. After I finished college I sent them an 'open application’ for a job'. During my interview, the then general manager said, "Come and work with us for one year and we'll see how it goes" That was eleven years ago...“

At that time the colleges organized internships and De Nijs was on a list of possible employers. I started work on a concert hall. From the very first, working for De NIjs I felt like a person and never a number. The management knows everyone by name and uses your name when they speak to you. You always feel welcome! I don't have any other family working with DeNijs but almost immediately I felt at home!”
“After my open application I joined as an apprentice work planner. After one year my supervisor told me I had to try to work on my own. Thereafter I continued my training on the sand flats in Ijlburg.”
“With time, I developed an ambition to move into management. I let this be known during a performance interview and I started as a junior project leader. With the help of a mentor a process was put in place where I was helped to grow into the position of project leader. Currently I work as a project leader on the Makroon project in the centre of Amsterdam. “

“After the 'builders holiday' for the first time I will work completely on my own as a (site) manager. At that point I will be directly responsible to the overall directors.”