Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

De Nijs and Sons hold a level 4 MVO certificate for doing business in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.
For De Nijs, the move towards responsible undertaking was a natural and a proper one.
For many years and as a matter of course, both in the offices and the joinery as well as on the numerous building sites, De Nijs has worked in a responsible and ethical manner. Safety, good working conditions, conscientious use of resources and respect for the environment have long been common practice.
These working conditions and practices were born out of a no-nonsense and economical approach to business. 
Presently, and as an entire company, preparations are being made to extend our certification. This will be done in conjunction with clients, sub-contractors, local government and other interested parties.
De Nijs is concerned with sustainability: social, ecological and economic responsibility and they aspire towards being fully certified, across the board. They have being accredited, not only with ISO 14001, 9001, and SCC but additionally with the FSC timber label. Together, with a number of other stakeholders in the timber industry, they strive to embrace and encourage a positive impact on the environment. They aim towards the exclusive use of sustainable products and responsible methods of processing and manufacturing. Additionally, they encourage others to do likewise and actively promote the replanting of working forests.
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On focus


For De Nijs the step towards CSR certification was not a big one, but rather a logical one.

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FSCĀ® Bouw & Hout Convenant

M.J. de Nijs en Zonen BV has signed the FSC ® Construction and wood Covenant.

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